13 Statistics About Restaurant Technology

Restaurant Technology

Led by the ever-increasing popularity of online ordering, restaurant technology changes daily. Consumers now expect, if not demand, that businesses cater to their appetite for restaurant technology.

With input from Benbria Corporation, a customer engagement platform that helps companies enhance their customer experience, we have compiled some statistics that reinforce the growing importance of today's restaurant technology. These 13 statistics might surprise you: 

  1. When smartphone users look at restaurant menus, 70% do so on their devices. (Source: QSR Online)
  1. A whopping 95% of today's independent restaurants do not have a mobile website. (Source: Food Tech Connect)
  2. Despite a perceived impact on consumer loyalty, only 16% of restaurants have a mobile app. (Source: Food Tech Connect)
  1. More than 80% of diners browse menus online before they go out, making websites — especially mobile-responsive ones — a must. (Source: IT Business)
  1. About 60% of consumers have read an online review at least once before visiting a restaurant. (Source: National Restaurant Association)
  2. Among consumers, 34% say online reviews play a factor when deciding where to eat. (Source: National Restaurant Association)
  3. A one-star increase in Yelp rating can lead to a corresponding increase in revenue of anywhere between 5% to 9%. (Source: National Restaurant Association)
  4. Almost 80% of consumers agree that technology improves their restaurant experience. (Source: Pymnts.com)
  5. More than 80% of restaurant owners in the U.S. say enhanced technology would “help increase sales, make their restaurant more productive, and give their business a competitive edge.” (Source: Pymnts.com)
  6. More than 66.6% of consumers think businesses should use SMS and texting to communicate with them. (Source: SAP via Marketing Charts)
  7. Almost half of the owners of limited-service restaurants say they are lagging when it comes to technological innovation and adoption. (Source: National Restaurant Association)
  8. Among owners of limited-service restaurants, 78% say technology in a restaurant provides a competitive advantage. The figure increases to 90% for franchisees.  Similar numbers agree that technology makes their operation more profitable. (Source: National Restaurant Association)
  9. More than 90% of smartphone users search for information about restaurants on their devices — and 84% of them contact a business using their devices as a result of a search. (Source: Food Tech Connect).