4 Benefits of Using Restaurant POS for Online Ordering

Benefits of Using Restaurant POS for Online Ordering

In today's dining environment, a night in is becoming as popular as an evening out. These online orders typically generate more profit for restaurant owners than dine-in customers, so it is a trend well worth embracing.

According to SFGate.com, “Well over half of people under the age of 44 already use the Internet for takeout or delivery, and three-quarters of people between 18 and 34 said they are likely to use a smartphone to order food.”

Based on research by Let's Order Online and other sites, online orders are 15-20% larger than in-restaurant orders. That means extra revenue for restaurants who embrace online ordering and make it a part of their restaurant POS. 

Adapting Online Ordering to a Restaurant POS

Restaurant POS systems either offer an in-house online ordering platform or they integrate alongside third-party partners like Grubhub & DoorDash. In both cases, online orders are handled the same way as those entered by staff members and are accounted for in all sales reporting.

How profitable are these endeavors? According to PMQ, Pizza Hut makes “40% or more of their sales from digital orders.” Thanks to online ordering solutions like Upserve, restaurants are now able to expand their customer base through to-go ordering. This convenience is not limited to big chains, either. With third-party ordering options, lots of local establishments offer online dining options.

Better than that, any restaurant with modern restaurant POS software can get integrated online ordering built right into their restaurant POS. 

Using Third-Party Online Ordering Partners

Through GrubHub’s mobile-optimized app for the restaurant POS, customers can find your restaurant by detecting its location, and then see if they fall into a designated delivery zone. Once they confirm, the restaurant POS software will take the order and send directions to the kitchen staff, including any special requests or dietary needs. Ordering “wizards” or templates help make the process mobile-friendly, especially for highly customized food services like sandwich shops and pizza parlors.

Payment is handled entirely online, using the restaurant point of sale system’s integrated payment processing. Processing is easier, and so is the impact on your staff. Because the entire system can be integrated, takeout orders are sent to the kitchen in seconds, not minutes, improving turnaround time and better-allocating kitchen prioritization. This results in food deliveries to happier customers.

Can Online Ordering Be Built into my Restaurant POS?

Yes, it can. Upserve Online Ordering is designed to be an end-to-end online ordering solution for restaurateurs. Upserve Online Ordering is a part of Upserve’s Restaurant Management Platform. That allows you to have a single place for managing & tracking your online orders and payments.

That makes it time to maximize your reach and implement restaurant online ordering into your restaurant POS system operations. Even the most hesitant restaurant owners have seen significant benefits from allowing customers to place orders via mobile app, improving convenience and customer satisfaction across the board.

The 4 Reasons You Need Online Ordering NOW

1. Make more money

Any way you can improve the dining experience is going to boost profits. By eliminating the wait in line, or time spent on hold, you will improve your restaurant’s reputation with hungry, impatient customers.

Online ordering systems allow customers to build their ideal meals by choosing items in a more dynamic, visually appealing way than a paper menu ever could. They also see their orders build (and check totals grow) in real time, which encourages customers to buy more because they’re conscious of what they’re spending.

2. Leverage online ordering data for marketing

By taking the ordering process online, your POS gathers key data about customer behaviors. As a restaurant owner, you can leverage this information to help you automate and craft your marketing efforts through targeted ads, social media posts and more.

With the convenience of saving “favorite” items and tracking repeat orders, your restaurant POS can help personalize your follow-up outreach. For example, if Bob buys a fajita platter every Friday night, your system will help you offer him enticing specials and deals that match his ordering preferences.

3. Accurate orders create satisfied customers

Nothing is more frustrating than inaccurate orders. It upsets customers, delays the kitchen, and causes staff to bear the brunt of everyone’s anger. Online ordering systems allow guests to enter every last detail conveniently into the provided fields. By doing so, every customized nuance of their meal is easily seen by everyone involved. This makes everyone happy and, when all is said and done, happy customers are repeat customers. 

Online ordering gives these customers the power to experience your business with less waiting, less frustration, and reduced risk of unfortunate error.

4. Enable staffers to focus on hospitality

Online ordering creates a “domino effect” of good vibes throughout your restaurant. By moving a high percentage of your orders to a cloud-based POS, your staff is now free of endless calls and order processing. This allows them to focus on making guests in the restaurant more comfortable. That is a win-win situation for everyone!