These 5 High-Performing Facebook Lead Ads Can Help Your Restaurant

 Facebook Lead Ads

For restaurant owners struggling to attract new leads through Facebook, this blog is for you. We can show you how to create Facebook Lead Ads that get more clicks and conversions ... from scratch, no less!

If this sounds too good to be true, it's time to share a little secret. Many advertisers are constantly seeking a new, under-the-radar method to create more leads that generate more sales and more money. In marketing, however, you don't always need to reinvent the wheel.

The best tip for mastering Facebook Lead Ads is surprisingly simple: Recognize what is working NOW and do the same thing.

Toward that end, we will provide 5 high-performing Facebook Lead Ads to inspire you, and explain how each one works.

The “Social Proof” Lead Ad

The Social Proof principle is one of the most powerful triggers used in marketing, particularly on Facebook. Social Proof is an ideal fit for a platform where testimonials are rampant and having a huge number of likes and comments can influence people about your brand’s popularity and credibility.

In addition, an image showing many people enjoying dinner together provides another example of Social Proof. An ad promoting a special dinner event builds a sense of Social Proof into the offer. Just make sure the signup process for your special-event dinner is very simple and fast. There is no need for more because Facebook Lead Ads automatically populate contact information that people have provided.

The “Benefit List” Lead Ad

One of the main questions you should ask when creating a Facebook Lead Ads campaign is: “What benefits can I provide to my leads by joining my list?” Make that clear to potential customers and make sure the information required to sign-up is just name and email, which makes the process of acquiring leads very short.

The “Carousel” Lead Ad

Carousel Ads let advertisers showcase multiple images in the same ad, and there are many different creative ways to use such ads to increase your results. As part of the sign-up process, a welcome screen makes people aware of what they are getting by subscribing to your list. The welcome screen is, simply, the new name for a context card, an optional tile that pops up when people click on the ad in their news feed, right before they visualize the pre-filled signup form.

Facebook introduced this function to allow people to get more information about what they were signing up for prior to submitting the form. This sort of additional step within the signup process helps many marketers and business owners to increase the leads’ quality.

The “Learn More” Lead Ad

Many marketers believe that offering a lead magnet is the only way to generate leads. Learning how to use "Learn More" Facebook Lead Ads showed me that was not the case. These ads can be used to collect leads who simply want to learn more information about a topic. Because of the easy sign-up process, Facebook Lead Ads allow you to generate leads for consultations, sales calls, demos, and test drives.

The Lead Ad with Emojis

If you have not begun using emoticons and emojis with your Facebook Lead Ads, you need to start ASAP. Emojis are small, funny icons used for digital communications that people enjoy using and seeing.

Popular in text messages, these icons represent a “universal language” that everybody can understand immediately. They resonate throughout Social Media platforms, boosting the engagement and CPA for ads on Facebook. Ads with emojis often obtain 2,000% more leads than an identical ad that includes only text. That is a spike in lead generation that will put a "smiley face" on the face of any restaurant owner.