How to Increase Restaurant Sales with Repeat Guests

Increase Restaurant Sales

Restaurant owners value their regular customers and want them to visit as much as possible. The challenge is finding ways to entice diners who already enjoy your products to make even more frequent visits.

That can be a challenge, but it is one you can meet. Here are some creative ways to get your best customers to visit your restaurant even more often than they do:

1) Introduce a Loyalty Program

Loyalty Programs are a great way to stimulate business. Here are some key findings from a recent loyalty study conducted by LevelUp:

  • Customer about to unlock a loyalty reward spend 39% more on average.
  • Customers spend 19% more on average when redeeming their loyalty reward.
  • On average, visitation frequency increases by 75% between a customer’s first reward and their 10th reward.

To get the maximum benefit from your restaurant’s rewards program, you must select a loyalty program that makes it easy for guests to sign up, track, and use their points.

2) Sell Gift Cards

Gift cards are valuable items. Provide your regular customers with opportunities to purchase and receive gift cards to your restaurant. Particularly popular as holiday gifts, a recent survey showed that 77% of Americans have given a gift card to someone in the last year. By offering gift cards, you’ll introduce a new revenue stream that is actually far more significant than the money made from gift card sales alone.

Some recipients never redeem the gift card, meaning those sales are pure profit. Among those who do redeem the card, 72% of customers will spend more than the value of the gift card. Typically, those individuals will spend an average of 20% more than the amount on the card. To maximize the value you can get from offering gift cards, select a provider that enables you to sell both physical and eGift cards, both in-store and online.

3) Offer Online Ordering

Another great way to boost your revenues is by providing an online ordering option for diners. Online ordering allows customers to order food from your website using their computers, smartphones, and tablets. Third-party online ordering services like DoorDash or GrubHub charge commission fees on every order, limiting your ability to maximize profits and manage the online ordering experience. By hosting online ordering on your own website or as an integrated feature in your restaurant POS system, you’ll give repeat customers the ability to order food from your restaurant without having to pay a commission for those orders. That will also boost your bottom line.

4) Invest in a CRM System

restaurant CRM collects and stores information about your customers to provide insight into your customer base. In turn, this information fuels powerful marketing campaigns. The CRM system will allow you to easily identify your best customers and segment the customer database to create lists of customers with shared properties (favorite foods, favorite beers, common neighborhood, etc.). Using this information, you can easily create marketing campaigns and run promotions to engage your customers outside the restaurant and get them back through the door on a more consistent basis.