20 Lead Magnet Examples to Help You Convert

 Lead Magnet Examples

Being able to produce real leads for your business is like having a marketing superpower. Only a handful of people know how to do it well. The number of leads you can generate on a daily or weekly basis is in direct relation to how fast your business grows.

To speed up your growth rate, add a lead magnet to your marketing efforts. A lead magnet is a landing page or an offer (usually free) dedicated to giving your website visitor some relevant value in exchange for their contact information (at the very least, an email address).

When you master the use of lead magnets, you pretty much have superpowers to grow your business as fast as you want. That is because 98% of your traffic isn’t ready to buy on the first visit, but 30% of all website visitors will return to your website. To reach them, lead magnets help by offering incentives to provide their contact information and join your email list.

This article examines the 20 best examples of lead magnets on the Internet, plus the reasons why they work.

1. Free Software or Tool Download/Free Trial/Free Sample

Why it works: People love tools that help them save time or be more productive. By providing a free one, customers see an email address as a small cost for a potentially huge benefit.

2. Free Checklist

Why it works: Checklists eliminate guesswork and are very clear on what you need to include to accomplish something.

3. Free Coupon/Exclusive Deal/Free Shipping

Why It Works: People love free stuff, and enjoy saving money whenever possible. An email address is a small price to pay to potentially save $100 or more.

4. Quiz/Assessment or Test

How it works: Visitors arrive on the landing page and get a brief overview of the benefits associated with taking a five-minute assessment. At the end of the assessment, they are asked to input their email in order to see their results.

Why it works: People are vain. We always want to know more about ourselves as well as compare ourselves to others. An assessment is one way we can measure ourselves in this respect. Asking the visitor for their email address after he or she has already gone through the assessment is key. People are loss averse, and having already invested a few minutes into taking the assessment, the vast majority will be willing to enter their email address to discover some information about themselves.

5. Killer Swipe file or Cheatsheet

How it works: A digital marketing membership website offers info-products and a private login area for paying members. Visitors are sent to a simple landing page and, after clicking the call-to-action button, the visitor is immediately shown a pop-up box asking them for their email address. Once they provide the address, they are redirected to a download page where they can click to download the file.

Why it works: It is targeted ad traffic, and people love examples of how to do stuff, especially if it removes some of the guesswork from their jobs.

6. Free Webinar or Recorded Video Training

How it works: The landing-page design and lead magnet work to drive leads using a two-step, opt-in process. The upsell on the webinar is the private community and info product that teaches students how to create their podcast and earn a living from it.

Why it works: It is a free offering with a specific value that offers high visibility and can take some guesswork out of the customers' job. 

7. Free Case Study

How it works: Landing page visitors are asked to input their first name and email address to get access to a “case study” that shows a successful new content strategy that netted more than 10,000 leads per month.

Why it works: People like to read about what has worked for others in getting results and how they accomplished it, on a step-by-step basis, so the process can be applied to their business. Even in a small company, you can still leverage their brand to build your own brand, by telling the story of how they got results.

8. Free Toolkit

Why it works: This is a lead magnet that produces big results with minimal effort. Plus, it's free. When visitors arrive on the landing page, they enter their email to have a report delivered to their inbox.

9. Sales Material/Free Consultation

How it works: You can generate qualified leads by offering sales material that is 100% related to buying your stuff.

Why it works: The form to receive a free catalog or consultation is longer than most information forms, meaning you get more qualified prospects because they fill out additional fields of information.

10. Free Ebook or Report

Why it works: Reports usually offer some kind of news and/or best practices that can be adapted to other businesses, helping them to grow.

11. Free Software Tool 

Why it works: Not only is it free, it provides a direct cause-and-effect relationship to your business that plays out each day as you use it.

12. Free Trial/Free Sample

Why it works: People love software or tools that make them more productive, especially if the item is free. Customers are willing to provide you information in exchange for a time-saving item that could provide a huge benefit at no cost.

13. Exit Pop-up Coupons

Why it works: As an exit pop-up, the coupon appears only when users are about to leave the page. That recovers potentially abandoned carts. By offering a discount between 10% and 20%, the pop-up shows up across the entire site and offers enough value in exchange for personal information.

14. Wholesale Coupons

What is it: With coupons, you can buy items at wholesale prices.

Why it works: This lead magnet is very clear. You know you’re getting an instant discount code on the screen and in your inbox when you sign up.

15. Open-Ended Quiz

What it is: The lead magnet is an open-ended free quiz that allows you to see if you’re qualified as an inbound marketing professional.

Why it works: Once you arrive on the HubSpot Academy page, you can read more about the quiz, including how many questions there are and how many people have taken it. You then click “start” and begin answering questions. You can see your progress as you go.

16. Free or Discounted Class

What is it: This lead magnet involves free or discounted classes than improve your job-performance skills. To sign up, enter your email and click the “add me” button.

Why it works: People want to be better at their jobs and they love to receive free training that leads to self-improvement.

17. Discounter or Free Webinar/Training Session

How it works: Courses and tutorials about e-commerce are available, allowing customers to improve their skill in regard to Pinterest ads, Facebook video ads, traffic conversions, and content marketing. Fill in your information on a pop-up screen and you're ready to go.

Why it works: It is a free offering with a specific value that offers high visibility and can take some guesswork out of your customers' jobs. People love to receive free training that leads to self-improvement.

18. Case Study

How it works: Landing page visitors provide their first name and email address to access information about a successful new marketing strategy that can expand their restaurant business.

Why it works: People are inspired by success stories. They like to read about what has worked for others and suggestions about how the process can be applied to their business.

19. Variable Toolkit

How it works: As you view posts on the site, the lead magnet changes based on the article you’re reading. That makes it a super specific offer tailored to your interests. No matter which post you click and as you read, a tailored lead magnet will appear. You can then click the button and enter your email address to opt in.

Why it works: The ever-changing toolkit lead magnet has high value because offers are related to the interests of the user, which makes the user more likely to engage in that offer.

20. Variable Pricing/Sales Material/Free Consulting

How it works: Pricing is used as a lead magnet, with variable pricing available depending on how much information is entered into the instant pricing widget on the website.

Why it works: Once you choose which pricing option works best for you and submit your email address, you’ll receive a pricing table breakdown. Everyone loves to save money.