Make an Offer They Can’t Resist: Lead Magnet Marketing for Your Restaurant

Lead Magnet Marketing

A key part of a successful digital marketing strategy for restaurants is increasing the number of conversions you get from your leads. Sure, web traffic is great. But traffic without conversions does not grow your business. 

There are many online resources designed to improve your conversion rates, including A/B testing tactics that include changing the image on your landing page, changing the color of your submission button, and altering headline content.

All of these changes certainly can help, and A/B testing will let you know which approach is more effective. However, maximizing your conversion rate isn’t just about tweaking colors and changing the copy.

Maximizing your conversion is about reciprocity. When you give your visitors a great offer, they’ll be more likely to reciprocate and do something for you.

In the world of digital marketing, that means they will be compelled to complete whatever lead generation action you’ve put into place.

Here’s how to establish this type of relationship in just a few key steps:

Get to know your website visitors

Creating a valuable lead magnet means knowing what type of information your audience wants and needs. Remember: visitors have come to your site with a specific purpose in mind, whether that’s to gather advice or to make some a purchase.

Fortunately for you, the online behavior of your audience can provide you this type of direction. A tool like Google AdWords Keyword Planner will show you the volume for keyword phrases that people are searching for, and find related suggestions.

But don’t just stop there. Other tools, like Buzzsumo, allow you to see trend-worthy topics that people are talking about and sharing. The last tool we recommend you regularly monitor is your Google Analytics. The data housed there will show you your most clickable content and can determine what your existing visitors already value.

Offer a resource your audiences will find useful

Now that you know what type of information your audience is interested in, you’re ready to create a lead-generation magnet that speaks to their needs. Which is most useful for your readers: A webinar? A research report? A tip sheet? A tool?

When it comes to your restaurant, our research and studies show that exclusive offers – or the promise of exclusive offers – carry the most weight.

Take, for example, this call-to-action found on a Massachusetts-based restaurant’s website: The restaurant promises unique promos and offers and also provides a weekly free appetizer drawing. They also call their subscribers VIPs, which adds to the allure.

Of course, there’s no reason to simply settle on coupons and discounts. An entertaining story titled, “The Pineapple Pizza Debate: Where Do You Stand?” could be an effective lead magnet.

Magnets like this help create a persona for your brand. If an entertaining video or slideshow magnet is professionally designed and could be viewed on any screen, there’s a good chance it’ll convert visitors into leads and make those leads fall in love with your brand.

Above all else, make sure that the landing page where your lead magnet is housed is designed cleanly and the offer is obvious. Visitors should know what the offer is and what they’ll get if they convert.

Sell your lead magnet offer

Once you create your lead magnet, you must market that offer to the masses. Facebook ads are a great way to reach a highly-targeted audience and pique their interest. According to recent Pew research, 79% of online adults use Facebook, and login multiple times per day. Use that to your advantage.

Create a series of eye-catching social media posts that funnel readers to your restaurant landing page. But don’t just stop there. Create smaller pieces of related content (articles, infographics, etc.) to promote as well.

Our last bit of advice: Don't just run through this process once. Most lead-magnet offers for restaurants are timeless. Make sure to schedule time every quarter to create a new marketing plan for your magnet. But rather than recycle the same old strategy from before, use the results of your past campaigns to optimize and fine-tune your next approach.

That way you continue to generate more and more leads that will one day become your lifelong patrons.