Americans will Soon Order Most Food Online

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The Trend Puts an Even Bigger Premium on Online Marketing by Restaurants

As a country, the United States is turning into a collection of hungry isolationists. Each day, more and more Americans are turning to apps to order their appetizers, midday snacks, meals, and desserts. 

Spurred by the rapid expansion of food-delivery services, online food ordering is set to overtake traditional telephone orders for the first time in the very near future. Based on data provided by market researchers from NPD, the number of online orders more than doubled in a five-year span between 2010 (roughly 403 million orders) to 2015, when 904 million online orders were placed.

If the trend continues during the current five-year window, Americans soon will be placing more food orders online than via the telephone. That places even more significance on the use of at top-tier food-ordering app like iEatery.

“Online ordering offers a level of ease and convenience that phone ordering can’t match,” a spokeswoman for GrubHub Inc., which owns popular sites GrubHub and Seamless, told The Huffington Post in a recent article published by the site. “It provides users and restaurants with a quicker, more efficient way to place and process orders.”

GrubHub currently processes about 1.6 million orders a week, the spokeswoman said.

More than $3 billion in delivery and pickup orders placed last year involved GrubHub Inc., which held 61% of the online ordering market. The company takes an average cut of 13.5% on all orders through its system, with revenues jumping exponentially each year as the marketplace expands.

All of that attention has translated into some serious funding. Food- and grocery-delivery companies received more than $1 billion in venture capital injections in 2014, based on research by TechCrunch, and the pace has only increased from there. Quartz, another industry-prominent research firm, notes that other delivery services like Caviar, which caters to a more exclusive list of curated restaurants, are expected to eat into the GrubHub empire in the coming years.

The marketing specialists at iEatery also have cut into those numbers since joining the fray in 2018.