Online Ordering is Trending for Restaurants that Plan to Succeed

Online Ordering is Trending for Restaurants

The hottest trend in the restaurant business is to invest in online ordering. It's a great way to increase your restaurant’s take-out revenue by 30 % almost overnight!

Not only does online ordering provide a system to efficiently manage existing orders, but it is also the way of the future in the restaurant industry. Each day, more & more customers seek out the ease of take-out–and-deliver restaurants. As a restaurant owner, you must satisfy those cravings without hurting your dine-in business.

Take-out orders are nothing new to the restaurant industry, but the move to a digital platform can increase efficiency. That saves time and money because an employee no longer is tied to a phone, responsible for correctly taking orders while accurately entering them into the POS system at the restaurant.

Bruno Zacchini, chef/owner of Orlando-based pizzeria Pizza Bruno, even went as far as tossing his landline phone into the garbage because of mounting frustrations with over-the-phone orders.

During a recent interview with Upserve Restaurant Insider, Zacchini explained his decision.

“We immediately realized it was requiring a lot of time, in addition to an employee dedicated to just taking orders,” Zacchini told the website. “Plus, the non-stop ringing of the phone was really affecting guest experience. One Friday, I decided to just throw the phone in the trash and find a better way.”

Almost immediately after making the switch to online ordering platforms, Zacchini says sales increased 10 percent.

Karen Moran experienced similar results after making the switch at Sweet Lulu's Bakery & Cocktail Caravan Bar in Charleston. S.C.

“We’re a catering bakery, but added online ordering delivery for those who aren’t able to hire us,” she explained, characterizing the move as simply a way to spread the company to potential clients. “It now accounts for 25 percent of revenue.”

The trend clearly is heading in that direction. In 2016, statistics showed that online sales comprised 6.6 percent of all restaurant orders in the USA, topping the 5 percent mark for phone orders. The disparity is only expected to grow over time.

Recently, Upserve launched a new restaurant online ordering platform that integrates with its existing POS technology. Instead of requiring a phone call and quick note-taker, orders now arrive in the kitchen as if they had been entered by a server.

Karan Verma, general manager of New York’s Masala Box, saw a 17 % increase in delivery and take-out orders after integrating an online ordering platform through Upserve. Because of that, time spent managing an order dropped from a minute and a half to just two seconds.

Without needing to pay commission to third-party online ordering providers, Upserve customers stand to save as much as 20 percent by forming relationships with companies like Chowly, Menufy, Opening Dining, Grubhub, and Seamless as tech partnerships.

Each new tech integration means more changes to the brick-and-mortar experience for diners. But before restaurateurs can think about pivoting their business model, they have to make sure they’re taking advantage of every customer that comes through the door or sends in an online order from the comfort of their couch.