Promoting Restaurant Technology Through Advertising

Promoting Restaurant Technology

By taking advantage of modern technology, there are several ways that restaurants can drive more customers through their doors with smarter advertising & by using leverage technology to increase profits. 

As technology continues to evolve the way restaurants operate, so do the messages they communicate to customers via advertising. Those in the restaurant industry need to do more than simply build their location to find success. In addition to using tech to boost margins and increase profits, restaurant owners have now must incorporate these tech solutions into their advertising strategies.

Online Ordering & Delivery

Because third-party delivery service websites are such a major play in today's industry, restaurants are taking an active approach in letting their customers know how and where they can get their food delivered to them. Many fast-food restaurants have partnered with specific apps, like McDonald’s and Uber EatsWendy’s and DoorDash or Taco Bell and Grubhub. Advertisements from these brands mentioning third-party delivery apps were virtually non-existent as recently as 2016, but have since become commonplace across all mediums.

What was once a service dominated by pizzerias, delivery is now an option for any restaurant and is a convenient way to increase profits with little in-house overhead. The technology delivery boom has made purchasing from restaurants more convenient while offering restaurants another touch-point to communicate in their ads.

Social Media Platforms

Social media is a great way for brands in any industry to connect directly with their customers. The practice has been steadily on the rise for restaurants the past three years and projects to increase going forward. 

As restaurants have learned what resonates with their audiences via social media, the content they produce has changed and grown. In 2018, almost half of all image-based ads from restaurants ran on their social media channels. The total was 44%, up from 37% in 2017 and 27% in 2016.

Image-based ads focus on the brand itself: what they do for the community, how they celebrate holidays, who they employ, and even how they roast their competitors. These aren’t ads promoting a specific product or price point, and they’ve found a home on social media.

Most people use social media as a tool for keeping in touch with friends and family, so it makes sense that we wouldn’t want it cluttered with ads for a deal. Instead, content that makes the companies we like seem more human is the preferred approach. Restaurants are getting behind this trend in a big way, becoming part of online celebrations for holidays & other special events. They also share memes relevant to their brand.

Whether it be new options for delivery or an emerging media channel to connect with customers, restaurants are ready to take the next step. Nothing happens in a vacuum. It all contributes to the greater ecosystem surrounding a business, requiring a true 360-degree omnichannel view. In today's business climate, restaurants can drive more customers through smarter advertising & leverage technology to increase their profits.