Create a Separate Entrance for Takeout or Delivery Orders

Diners seated at a table adjacent to the door for takeout/delivery orders can have an unpleasant experience on particularly hot or cold nights if that door opens 50-60 times during their meal. That could turn those diners into former customers. To avoid such a scenario, create a separate entrance for takeout/delivery orders that ensure your dine-in guests do not suffer because of online orders.

Consider other solutions as well. A great example is the shelving units used by San Diego-based Luna Grill. In addition to matching the look of your restaurant, a shelving unit for pickup orders located near the counter organizes online orders and improves pickup efficiency. Without question, online orders are essential for a restaurant's long-term profitability. By taking the above steps to craft a robust online ordering system without impacting the experience of dine-in customers, you’ll be setting your restaurant up for success.